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Eldest Son, our low-key guy, told us a month or so ago that he wanted blue hair. And now he’s got it!

Eldest Son with blue hair, February 2011.

Eldest Son with blue hair, February 2011.

It’s more turquoise than I expected it, but I think it looks great. He reminds me of a manga cartoon, especially when his hair is spiky after removing his stocking cap.

He says he can no longer fly under the radar with blue hair. Bravo to him for his courage!

Hubby and I once dyed our hair using a temporary henna colorant. Um, yeah. Temporary, which was supposed to mean a couple of weeks, ended up being a couple of months. As my hair had a natural tinge of red to it at the time, the henna wasn’t a huge stretch.

Have you ever dyed your hair? If so, what color(s)? What reactions did you get to the new you?