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Ever have a day that was so busy you came home with your head feeling like a plate spinning on a stick? That was my day. Non-stop go at work. We had a high schooler job shadowing us, so it was a great day for such busyness, but it’s a little hard to bring the brain back to a sense of rest. That’s what blogging, or any form of writing, helps me to do.

My evening has been filled with walking the pup, feeding the pup, feeding Young Son (pea soup and oysters on crackers), paying bills, doing laundry, checking email and Facebook, and listening to pup sigh as I listen to music. (Yeah, it’s one of those sighs that says, “Come hang out on the couch with me.”)

I’m waiting for Hubby to return with Eldest Son, who, as of yesterday, has blue hair. I can’t wait to see it. Eldest Son floated the idea past us a few weeks ago and we were all for it. He called once the deed was done and was amused by the reactions he’s getting. He indicated that most people look, but try not to make it obvious. One guy, however, made no attempt to hide the fact that he was staring. I asked Eldest Son how he liked standing out, rather than flying under the radar, as he normally does. He said he was ready for the change.

I presented my Intro to Self-Publishing class along with a reading from Greenville last night. There was a nice turnout and the audience was attentive and asked great questions. I was a little nervous, as I usually am when I’m presenting a class, but it mostly shows itself as a dry mouth. Those in attendance told me they couldn’t tell I was nervous. Whew!

(Ooh! “Bend It Like Bender” by the Devin Townsend Project is playing on GrooveShark now. Love that song!)

I promised those in attendance I’d email my list of online links related to self-publishing, so I have to put that together this weekend, plus I’ve got to do more feng shui in the house, gather tax documents, finish a library book, and write. Sleeping would be good, too.