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I’m feeling scattered. The best way I’ve found to collect myself is to write whatever’s on my mind, just get it out, so here goes.

Yesterday morning I stopped by the Great River Arts Association (GRAA) to schedule a reading. I’ve been selected February Artist of the Month, which came as a pleasant surprise to me last week. Since I found out, I’ve been getting things ready for a public event (ordering books for sale, finding a publicity picture, providing an artist statement – thank you, K.R.!). Originally, the event was supposed to be a reading, but I’ve read from Greenville before and I want to do more than just read. I want to create an event that might be of more use to people than simply entertainment. A number of people have expressed an interest in self-publishing, so I’m planning to give an introductory talk on that and throw in a little bit of reading.

I’ve also been outlining a class to help people improve their writing. (GRAA has expressed an interest in having me teach this class, too.) I had started an outline for a similar class back in 2004, but not done anything with it. For some reason, the urge recently overtook me again and I discovered the old file on my computer. Surprisingly, my thinking hadn’t changed much on what I want to present. I do need to reorder my lessons, though, and put handling criticism first. If you want to improve your writing, you’ve got to be able to cope with criticism and figure out which critiques are valid and which are meant to unfairly and unnecessarily tear you down.

I’ve ordered eleven writing books from Amazon to supplement my current collection, all of which will hopefully supplement what I want to teach. There are so many great writing books out there that I’m pretty sure everything’s been said by now. I’m compiling a recommended reading list of writing books, plus a list of writing related websites. If you know of any useful writing books or websites that should belong on such a list, leave a note in the comments and I’ll check them out.

Other than designing class presentations, the GRAA February Artist of the Month award has kicked me into high gear as far as getting Greenville published through CreateSpace. This has been on my To Do list for months, but I was dragging my feet over getting it done. I had to tweak the cover and the copyright page and figure out CreateSpace’s file requirements and process for uploading them. If CreateSpace had been around when I was first trying to self-publish Greenville, I would have used it rather than CafePress, but now I have a point of comparison between the two services, which will come in handy for my self-publishing talk.

It addition to all this book and writing related stuff, Hubby and I drove to visit Eldest Son yesterday. Round trip, it takes about six hours, which is quite the haul in one day, but we had a critical delivery to make to him and it gave us an excuse to take him to dinner. He’s a fascinating young man. We had a great chat about his classes, what he wants to major in, and social cognition.

During our drive time, we like to listen to a particular radio station, one that plays an eclectic mix of music with hardly any commercial interruptions. Whenever I listen, questions arise in my mind that I have to look up later. Last night’s question, which was prompted after we heard White Lion’s version of Radar Love, was “Who did the original version of Radar Love?” I thought it was Queen, but Hubby disagreed. Turns out, Hubby was right. It was done by Golden Earring.

The station played Adam Ant’s Stand and Deliver last night, which got me to wondering whatever happened to Adam Ant. He used to dress in  pirate-like clothes for his videos, such that he could have easily appeared in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies if he’d been dirtier.

[Taking a moment to read up on Adam Ant. Be right back.]

According to his Wikipedia page, Adam Ant is living a full and interesting life. Looks like he’s still dressing as a pirate, too.

After playing Adam Ant, the radio station played R.E.M.’s It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine), which made me think of John Malkovich for no apparent reason.

Can you see how I might need to collect myself?