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I guess today is another day and as good a time as any to share my creative goals for the next year with you. I do this every year ’round about this time. Midway through the year I’ll revisit the list, check off the things I’ve accomplished, review what I haven’t, and tweak what I need to. I try to be fluid about my goals in light of the fact that life tends to throw unexpected stuff at me.

Here goes …. My creative goals for 2011 ….

Construct a book and/or make a zine. (Construct a book as in physically make one, not write one, although I could do that too, if it’s not too big.)

Get Greenville on Amazon via CreateSpace.

Rearrange my office space.

Knit a cable pattern.

Move my loom.

Weave something. (If I don’t weave something this year, I may decide to get rid of the loom. That’s not a hard and fast decision, but I’m seriously considering it.)

Keep drawing with Sharpies. Get marker paper for it.

Hang out with creative people.

Write a sestina.

Write for the hell of it.

Continue work on three writing projects that won’t leave me alone. (I’m not going to reveal the particulars on these projects because, as Kate DiCamillo said on MPR this week, it’s really bad juju for creative ideas. Kate didn’t use those words exactly, in case you were wondering.)

What are your goals, creative or otherwise, for 2011?