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I was going to write about thoughtfulness – as in the amount of thinking I do before responding to comments on my blog – but I’m feeling more random than that, so I’m going to go with randomness instead.

It’s snowing today in Little Falls. When I took pup out this morning, he looked like he had a case of really lovely dandruff. We had freezing rain yesterday, which has created skating rink conditions on all the sidewalks and roads. Walking a dog on skating rinks is quite the challenge. And kinda funny. Pup skates around on four feet, trying to keep them all underneath him. I’m grateful Aleksander likes snow and ice. No problem getting him out in it.

We put up a dog run cable yesterday – yes, in the freezing rain! The rain was intermittent, so it wasn’t too difficult, except for that part where the pup pulled it out of the wall. Umm, yeah. I reattached it in a different spot today and am hoping it will hold. Pup is now tired and taking a nap on the museum bench. In his walking harness. Darn! Forgot to take it off.

I’ve been trying my hand at hyperbolic crochet. Turns out crocheting is good for illustrating the mathematical concept of hyperbolic geometry, which is how many things in nature are formed. Coral reefs are natural structures based on hyperbolic geometry and fiber artists have set to work on building art installations of crocheted coral reefs through the Smithsonian Institution. Be sure you poke around that site for a while if you’re interested. Lots of goodies there, including a pamphlet you can download that gives basic instructions for creating your own hyperbolic crochet pieces. I’ve been using that today, but it’s a little short on specifics (do I add stitches before turning, like in regular crochet?), so be prepared to play.

(You know, I’ve had to add the last two links using HTML coding. Has anyone else noticed that the new WordPress linking system doesn’t seem to be working? I thought it was supposed to be easier to use. Maybe I’m missing something. Grrr.)

I’m listening to music while I blog. Lady Gaga, Flogging Molly, Moby and U2 are on tap. The Killers are on their heels.

I found a number of interesting articles online, which led to my randomness. Utne Reader has a post on Elinor Ostrom, a social scientist who studies the things we share – the public commons. Elinor suggests that neither markets nor government are suited to manage the commons; people are. Amen to that, sister!

Colleen at the “Know your own bone …” blog posted her thoughts a few days ago on donor walls at museums. Human psychology indicates that we are impressed with big names and seeing them on the donor walls of museums apparently gives the rest of us not-so-big-names encouragement in supporting museums.

(Time for The Killers – “Day & Age.”)

The next interesting article I found is from the Writing Spirit Blog. It’s called How to Write Daily More Easily — Part I. It was this post that gave me the impetus to write randomness because that’s how I rev up for writing more focused pieces. Not that I plan to do a focused piece online today. In my notebook … maybe.

But I have to get warm first.