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Last night, while on the phone with my friend Jody, I did this:

Blanket brain

Blanket brain, October 3, 2010

It’s like doodling, but with a blanket instead of a pen and paper. I was shooting for a floral effect by purposely scrunching the blanket, but when Hubby saw it, he said it looked like a brain. There you have it, a blanket brain.

Here’s a close-up:

Blanket brain close-up

Blanket brain close-up, October 3, 2010

Next time I’m on the phone, I’ll try for a different effect with my temporary blanket art.

In other news about brains … Mark McGuinness has an interesting, though admittedly long, post on his blog about the internet and our attention spans. He doesn’t mind if you skip around or skim while reading it and it’s definitely worth the read.

Do you think the internet has shredded or split your concentration? I, for one, don’t fault the internet for any concentration problems I might have. I’ve long had the habit of doodling while on the phone (now with blankets!). I’m not sure I’ve ever read a novel where I didn’t have to reread passages or flip back to find something I missed. (Novel reading is the example Mark uses when talking about a task that takes concentration.) I can just as easily slip into a zone of pure concentration while writing, making art, organizing my purse, or … being online. Have you ever noticed the glazed look people get when you interrupt them while they’re online? If that isn’t concentration, I don’t know what is.