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Ever since moving into our house 17 years ago, we have made it a regular practice to put things we don’t want on the curb with a “free” sign. We have never failed to get rid of things this way, which is surprising. What makes this even more phenomenal is that whatever we put out goes within a day, with the exception of our old furnace, which took two days to leave. Even the musty daybed that was left on our front porch and greeted us when we arrived was picked off the curb the same day. (Trust me when I say it was in baaaaaad shape.)

This weekend, the boys helped me take a 1920s Majestic floor-model radio to the curb. Erik purchased this at an auction before we were married and he was ready to get rid of it. As I was dusting the back of the cabinet, I noticed the documentation (a couple of small booklets) were still with the radio. I put these into a Ziploc bag so they wouldn’t get lost when someone took the radio home.

Within a couple of hours, while I was tapping away at the computer, I heard the low idling of a truck near our house. When I next got up, I looked out the window and the radio was gone. I have no idea who took it, which is often the situation when stuff goes out for free. (Although I got to meet the family who picked up our old chest freezer a month ago. They came to the door to ask if it really was free. They spoke Spanish and wanted to be sure they understood my English sign.)

The radio was such an unusual item that I got to thinking about serendipity. Erik and I have discussed getting rid of it many times over the past few years, but had never done anything about it. Saturday I got a burr under my saddle and was ready to remove it from the house – NOW!

Why then? Was the person who picked it up ready to receive it?

Like I said, the radio was not the typical curbside find – it wasn’t something everyone could use. What universal prompt had I received that made me deal with it at that particular time? Did fate bring the radio retriever our way?

In a related story, Young Son has recently expressed an interest in weightlifting. Today, while on his way home for lunch, Erik found a free weightlifting bench on a curb and brought it home. Random coincidence? Or something more?

I told Erik, “If it’s something more, I hope to find a free, gently-used Subaru Outback on the curb.”