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A cold front blew through central Minnesota last night. If you remember my whining about a lack of ambition yesterday, the weather seems to have changed that. The doldrums caused by mugginess became the laser focus of getting stuff done today.

I have a shipload (you didn’t misread that word, did you?) of tasks to complete for work between now and mid-September and I clicked through three smaller tasks and one large one today, while also speaking to visitors from Puerto Rico.

My large task, the one I’m proudest of because it meant learning something new that was a frustration for me last week, is setting up a shopping page on our work website. We’re using PayPal as our shopping cart service, so that meant creating an account, getting it verified, and proving that our organization is a nonprofit. Once I did all that, I had to figure out how to put “Add to Cart” buttons with each sale item and configure the shipping and tax. It meant editing each button probably five or six (or more!) times today to get everything just so, but the process went smoothly.

Here’s a link to the Shop page. I would have posted about it on the work blog today, but my co-worker had already posted something and I didn’t want to knock her post from the top position immediately. (If you’re reading this today – August 24 – this is sneak peak time. Feel free to give my work a try by purchasing something. It’s for a good cause.)

If this weather holds, I ought to be able to accomplish quite a few things on my To Do list.