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Is it just me, or is it hot in here? Stinkin’ hot? Humid sticky-icky hot? Why, yes, all of the above. And I don’t think it’s just me.

This infernal heat is driving me up a tree, if I had the energy required to drive up said tree. It seems that instead of driving me anywhere, the heat and huge-midity are sapping me of all ambition. Except for the ambition to complain. In my notebook and on my blog.

I managed to finish reading a book this morning, and I hung sheets out to dry. At least we have wind, a nice gusty one, so that’s something. The sheets are probably already dry. If I had the ambition, I’d go get them.

Instead, I’m helping Daughter with forms and other final tasks she has to accomplish before trotting off to college. It’s been hard to nail her down for some of these things because she’s been busy with friends all summer. (She just said she’s happy to be getting these things done, which is what she’s wanted to do for the past couple of weeks. Yay, Daughter!)

Yesterday, we (Erik, Young Son & I) delivered Eldest Son back to college. The move was quite efficient. Saturday must have been the crazy move-in day because hardly anyone was doing so yesterday. Eldest Son decided to rent a loft this year, which we had to assemble before we dragged his other stuff up to his room. If I’m complaining about heat today, the heat of his dorm room was ten time worse – enough to sizzle a brain in seconds. Eldest Son, Young Son and I got the loft up and we quickly transported the rest of his stuff from the lawn outside the dorm up to his room. (Someone had to play Lookout with the stuff while we were assembling the loft. That was Erik’s job.)

We took Eldest Son out for a late lunch at the Pita Pit (falafel pita – yum!) and returned home to collapse. (Which makes the trip sound really short, but it wasn’t.)

When we got home, Young Son ditched on us, heading to a friend’s house overnight. Daughter was already gone to a friend’s house. Our house was childless, which has happened before, but with Eldest Son at college, it takes on an eerie quiet, one that our cats don’t seem to fill. (I’m sure Eldest Son would be delighted to read that I’m comparing him to the cats. šŸ˜‰ )

After Erik left for work this morning, I found myself alone in the house for the first time in a while. That, coupled with the heat, has enhanced my lack of ambition. (Except for that whole reading books thing.) I’m beginning to understand how Young Son feels when he complains of boredom. He expressed to me the other day that he’s not so sure about having both of his siblings out of the house because even though they pick on him, at least that’s interesting. Reconfiguring the household is going to take some thinking. And maybe a bit of ambition. (If this humidity would just let up!)

At least we have cellphones with unlimited texting ….