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I’ve been a fan of Flogging Molly for some time now, ever since my brother introduced me to the band years ago. They play Irish music with a kick-ass twist. It sounds old-school Celtic, but the songs are contemporary and have a fine storytelling quality. (I am soooo tempted to use Rebels of the Sacred Heart as a motorcycle gang in a novel. If I ever get around to writing said novel, I’ll contact the band for permission. Gotta mind the copyright!)

Young Son showed me the video for Flogging Molly’s song “Float” yesterday and oh! It is a sad, compelling thing. It features a small wire man whose head looks like a cotton swab, a cotton swab with a dark beard. As the little man wanders through the video landscape, he collects garbage and grows in bulk. (Check out the safety pin on his left arm and the paperclip on his back.) He also gains a heavy leg full of cast-offs. Eventually he ends up at the sea and uses a fork in a most creative way.

After you’ve watched the video a couple of times, play it again and listen to the song’s lyrics.