I haven’t felt like blogging much lately, or being online at all, for that matter. Instead, I’ve been occupied by reading, family stuff, and being outdoors. At work, I’m engaged in hardcore research. Still working on debunking a local legend and have all but a couple of points figured out. I catch myself writing portions of that article in my head.

I’m working on another large writing project at home. Have been working on it for a couple of years now. Not steadily, but a little bit here, a little bit there. I’ve accumulated a lot of notes. I don’t feel ready to start writing yet, even though common writing advice holds that I should be writing, even if I don’t feel like it. Trouble is, I don’t see taking notes and gathering information as part of the writing. Yes, I know on a practical basis that is part of writing – I couldn’t do the writing without it – but unless I’m actually typing out paragraphs as part of a story, it doesn’t feel like writing. Does that make sense?

I could just let the large project go, not worry about it, move on to something else, but it won’t let me. Just when I think I’ve forgotten about it, back the story comes. My sticking point seems to be voice. Who’s voice will the story be told in? Normally, a voice comes to me relatively quickly. Not so this time. Perhaps it’s because my protagonist and antagonist could easily switch places and one of these characters is not well developed in my mind.

So, I keep puzzling and reading and doing other stuff, refilling the reservoir until I’m ready to write. Of course, I’m not avoiding writing altogether. There’s the legend article for work that’s mentally half-written. When I pull together my last couple of facts, the article will be formally written within about three sneezes’ worth of time.