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My shoes and socks are off.

No, I’m not planning to fight anyone with my feet. It’s hot and humid (or, as WCCO’s Chris Shaffer might call it, “juicy”) and I’m sitting upstairs at my desk, roasting. Although, it’s not as hot and juicy as yesterday, so as long as my shoes and socks are off, the roasting is tolerable.

I’m trying to figure out where June went. There was a lot of flurry around Daughter’s grad party, plus Eldest Son was working on a costume for a sci fi/fantasy convention (more on that in a later post). Young Son got his driver’s permit. And then, of course, there’s work and the community garden and the yard work and the laundry and the artists workshops and the socializing and the … and the … and the …. Has your summer been like mine?

Today Erik and I picked Eldest Son up from the aforementioned convention (nope, still not gonna give you the dirt in this post). When we got home (it was a long drive), Erik took a nap and I took Young Son for a drive in a parking lot. It’s only the second time he’s driven a car, but he handles the vehicle as though he has driven before. He accelerates and brakes smoothly and handles the corners with very little over-steering.

About those corners … After he’d had many go-rounds in the parking lot, he started pushing the car to see what it would do. He’d accelerate and then come suddenly to a corner, slowing down just as he got there and driving his way through, rather than stopping and idling through. I joked about him being a NASCAR racer.

If the other two had done the same when they were first learning to drive, I would have had a small stroke and then freaked out. (Yes, in that order.) Young Son benefits once again from our previous experience with Eldest Son and Daughter, which they are likely to point out in a future fit of pique. (Yeah, yeah, we know it’s unfair, kids, but each of you gets different benefits due to your birth order. We can’t help that we are different parents to each of you, both because of your birth order and your personalities. Please don’t hold it against us.)

While Young Son was comfortable with the parking lot, he wasn’t quite ready for the road. I had him drive a short distance on the road anyway because he has Behind-the-Wheel classes this week and his instructor will immediately have him on the road. I don’t want that to come as a complete shock to him. He was hesitant, but did well. Based on his performance in the parking lot, once he’s use to the road, he’ll be a great driver.

Other than all the everything we’ve been up to, we bought a new router (a Linksys E1000) and I installed it using Erik’s computer. I’ve set up several routers before, including a couple of Linksys models, but I’ve never had the experience I had with this one. I booted up my computer in order to connect to the new wireless network. In scrolling through the list of available connections, I couldn’t find any that appeared to be for our router. When I’ve set up routers in the past, I’ve had to create a name for the connection and assign a password. The installation program warned me that it would assign a random password, so I was ready for that. What it didn’t tell me is that it would also assign a random network name, which is why, when I scanned through the list of available networks, I couldn’t figure out which was ours. Erik deduced the name by hovering over his internet connection icon and reading the box that popped up. (I’m not going to tell you the name here, but suffice it to say, I like the name we were assigned because it is along the lines of something I might have picked.)

Is your summer flying by like mine is? What have you been up to?