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Eldest Son is a fan of the sci fi/fantasy realm. It gives him oodles of artistic inspiration.

He attended his first sci fi/fantasy conference while he was away at college this year and decided he would like to experience more of the same, so he signed up for another conference, which he attended this weekend.

Costuming by attendees is a huge part of these conferences. In preparation for the event, Eldest Son spent the better part of June designing and building a costume. It was supposed to be a full body futuristic suit of armor, but after carefully crafting each of the pieces out of cardboard**, he discovered that the second phase of construction, which involved fiberglass, Bondo, and sanding, was going to take too long for full body armor, so he decided the helmet was the critical piece and concentrated on that. He finished it a day before the conference.

Of course, I must show you …

Eldest Son in his helmet, July 2010

Eldest Son in his helmet, July 2010

In the first pictures Eldest Son took of himself in the helmet, he was wearing a t-shirt. After a bunch of those shots, he spruced himself up with the jacket and button-down shirt, aiming for Daft Punk appearance. I especially like the following shot, which looks like it could be an album cover.

Eldest Son in helmet and suit jacket, July 2010

Eldest Son in helmet and suit jacket, July 2010

One more shot of the helmet, from a different angle:

Eldest Son's helmet, July 2010

Eldest Son's helmet, July 2010

See the Plexiglas face shield? He shaped that himself with a heat gun. The cord you see off the back side belongs to a set of headphones he built into the helmet so that he could listen to his iPod.

Eldest Son trotted off to the conference last Thursday (with a little help from Dad). His main goal in attending the conference was to have Jeremy Bulloch sign his helmet. Jeremy Bulloch, if you are not familiar with the name, is the actor who played Boba Fett in the earliest Star Wars movies. There’s a good picture of him on Wikipedia.

Eldest Son managed to score his autograph on the first full day of the conference and he couldn’t be more thrilled. Jeremy even complimented him on the helmet. Check out the signature. Jeremy has beautiful handwriting.

Jeremy Bulloch's autograph, July 2010

Jeremy Bulloch's autograph on Eldest Son's helmet, July 2010

Eldest Son had a great time at the conference. I think events like these make him feel like he’s among people with shared interests. And that’s a good thing.

Have you ever attended a sci fi/fantasy conference or event? If so, did you wear a costume?


**Eldest Son does incredible things with cardboard and has since he was young. We used to say that we should have bought stock in cardboard and masking tape because these were his favorite construction materials.