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We have a small garden in our yard. The state of this garden was appalling as of early yesterday morning.

Weedy garden at the Warner house, June 19, 2010

Weedy garden at the Warner house, June 19, 2010

We have not had time to weed our tiny garden patch due to preparations for Daughter’s grad party, assisting Young Son with studying for his written driver’s test, work, and a number of other priorities. I’ve also been attending workshops on the business of art throughout June and had two sessions this past week. Plus, it’s summer in Minnesota, and when it’s summer in Minnesota, the weather insists we spend as much time outside as possible.

This busy-ness has also led to a weedy, cob-webby, long-in-the tooth* blog. While blog neglect isn’t apparent through an excess of weeds on the screen, cobwebs covering the corners**, or extra long teeth, I definitely see it in my readership stats. A few months ago, I was consistently seeing 100 views per day, but I only seem to see that now when I’ve posted. On the days I don’t post, I tend to get 50 or 60 views per day. While that’s nothing to sneeze at, I’ve gotten spoiled by my 100 views per day, so would like to bring my stats back to that point, which means posting more often.

I’ve also noticed that when I neglect my blog, I get edgy because I miss blogging. If that’s not a sure sign that blogging is “real” writing, I don’t know what is. (Could I please slap whoever first indicated that blogging wasn’t real writing? Dear God, I can’t seem to get over that mental hump. Maybe I ought to slap myself and knock that thought right out of my head.)

Yesterday, I finally had time to work on weeding the garden. I didn’t finish, but made serious progress.

Partially weeded garden at the Warner house, June 19, 2010.

Partially weeded garden at the Warner house, June 19, 2010. Looking much better, wouldn't you say?

I also wrote a blog post, but not here. I tend to Erik’s blog for The Soul Patch Community Garden and updated followers on the garden’s status last night. Just the act of blogging, even though it wasn’t on The Woo Woo Teacup Journal, dissipated my lack-of-blogging edginess. Ahhhhh!

I’ve got a number of things to report here, observations & happenings of the last week or so, but I also know better than to throw too many blog posts at you at once (you’re all busy, too), so I’ll try to feed them to you one at a time.

Now that I’ve tended to the blogging, I must finish weeding the garden.


* The traditional meaning of the phrase “long in the tooth” is “old” and refers to the age of horses in relation to their teeth. I’m using the phrase a little differently here, instead referring to neglect in relation to rodent teeth. If a rodent, say, a beaver, doesn’t continually chew on wood, its teeth will continue to grow and grow and grow until it can’t eat. (I’m not opposed to making sh*t up if it will help illustrate my point. 🙂 )

** Here’s an idea for WordPress! If they can figure out how to program snow to fall on a blog during the winter months, why couldn’t they create code that will cause cobwebs to form on neglected blogs? Of course, I would make this an optional setting that allows for the blog owner to decide when the cobwebs would appear.