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I’m sure that’s an immutable, unwritten rule somewhere.

So, why did Bono have to have back surgery? His spine ought to be golden, pony boy. Nor should the rest of him decay. His eyesight should remain 20/20, with no need for bifocals. Arthritis dare not pay a visit to his knees. His hearing should … well, he’s a rock star … I guess that’s been known to go in that portion of the human race. All the other infirmities are supposed to pass by rock stars, landing instead on us regular Joes and Janes. We get the nose hairs, skin tags, slipped disks, sagging jowls and soggy upper arms.

You might argue that the members of the Rolling Stones are rock stars and are old, but they’ve been old forever (practically death warmed over, according to some comedians), so I’m not counting them in my theory. I hear tell that drugs and booze had something to do with the Stones’ premature aging, but the guys in U2 don’t have that sort of reputation.

The striking, nay, shocking thing about Bono having back surgery is that I listened to U2 during my formative years and band members are not that much older than I am. While I know I’m aging, if they age too, that’s waaaaay too big a reminder that there’s no slowing down this march to the underground storage facility for those suffering from rigor mortis.

As Daughter just said with a wag of her finger, “When the Jo Bros start getting wrinkles, I tell ya ….”

Here’s wishing Bono a speedy recovery. 🙂