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I just received a brilliant idea via email that I’m instituting next week on my blog in a show of solidarity with fellow bloggers. First, the text of the email ….

Ok so Merritt and I decided (well I suggested and she agreed) that we’re making next week Delurking Week on our blogs.  Because… it’s been a while.  And even though it’s not the “official” delurking week, we’re doing it anyway.  I have rando people who know all about my life (my life meaning… my cloth diapers. of course) and I had no idea they were even reading my blog.  So I want to know who my lurkers are.  I think a bunch of us have had babies and big life events so we probably all have new lurkers we don’t know about.

Next week, feel free to join us in convincing lurkers to COMMENT and de-lurk!  And don’t say you didn’t get the memo.  🙂

This email came from Erin Goettsch, who has the Happy Noise blog, which I read regularly. I get to relive being a mommy to infants and toddlers vicariously through her posts about her children. Her writing style is fun and humorous, even when she’s going through sleepless nights and long, uncomfortable car trips. While I no longer need diapers for my children (haven’t in a very long time, in fact), Erin’s cloth diaper analysis posts make for an interesting read (even though Erin is sure she’s boring us all. Absolutely not! I’m imagining purchasing them for my future grandchildren. No rush, though, kids. Let’s get you through school first. 🙂 )
Anyway, I totally agree with Erin and her friend Merritt’s idea of routing out some of you lurkers. My stats tell me lots of peeps are reading, but my comments don’t typically reflect that. (Although I am seeing comments about my blog posts showing up on Facebook, so if you’re leaving comments there, I wouldn’t consider you a lurker.)
If you are a regular reader of The Woo Woo Teacup Journal but have never left a comment, next week is for you. I’m declaring May 2 – 8, 2010, Delurking Week on my blog in order to urge you to introduce yourself. To make the process even easier, all you have to do is say “howdy,” or some version thereof, on one of my blog posts. Pick a post, any post at all, no matter how old, and I’ll receive your comment. (Through that ol’ blog magic, I get an email whenever someone leaves a comment, which I then have to moderate through, so don’t be distressed if your comment doesn’t appear lickety-split.) I will also be gladly accepting comments from those of you who have commented before.
Prepare yourselves, lurkers. May 2nd is just around the corner!
(Thanks, Erin & Merritt, for the fab idea!)