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Surprise! The Woo Woo Teacup Journal has undergone a makeover. I’ve been itching to do it for a while, but kept rethinking the decision, afraid I’d wreck the “brand” I’d been building. Well, spring is here and it’s been over two years since I started TWWTJ, so I set to redesigning it last night while Hubby was making pizza. (Pepperoni, onions & black olives. Mmmm, mmmm!)

Obviously, I didn’t go whirly-gig and confetti wild. I picked a new theme (Mistylook) that was similar to the old (Tarski). One of the features I like about Mistylook, other than its general readability, was the look of the sidebar. On Tarski, the sidebar runs down the left and there’s no clear delineation between one section and another. As you can see, I jam a lot of stuff into my sidebar, so even a subtle distinction between sections keeps everything from visually mushing together. It didn’t matter to me whether the sidebar was on the left or right, but the gray-box backgrounds on Mistylook’s sidebar are a treat.

As long as I was rebuilding my sidebar (which was much less complicated than I made it), I decided to add a few visuals. There’s a pic of me with my froggy friend at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. It’s one of my very favorite pictures of myself and I give full credit to Hubby for taking it. (He managed to get me in a natural pose with a decent smile on my face. And you can’t tell if my eyes are half-closed because I’m wearing sunglasses. Why do you think celebrities wear sunglasses all the time? It’s a good strategy for us mere mortals.)

While I was adding a portrait pic, I noticed that the Image Widget allowed for hooking the image up to an alternate link. Aha! Perfect chance to add a photo of the cover of Greenville (the Keeping Edition) and link it to the pdf of the book.

The Image Widget was my pal last night and perhaps I could be accused of taking advantage, but I decided to use it again to add a piece of scanner art from my Woo Woo Teacup Publishing website. What? The scanner art is not obvious on Woo Woo Teacup Publishing? You didn’t see any arrowheads in red?

‘Round about nine months ago I blogged about Hidden Things and alluded to having hidden a little something on my website. Arrowheads in red and a number of other scanner art pieces are part of those hidden somethings. It was the desire to hide things on my website that led me to building a site separate from my blog, otherwise I would have built the basic web pages you find over there as static pages over here. (*Over there* and *over here* … as though the websites are so physically far apart. Who knows? Maybe they are, in server space. Then again, maybe they’re sitting right next to each other.) If I decide to reveal my hidden things, I may merge the two sites into one, rather than linking one to the other. (That’s a hint. If you want to try to find the hidden things, I suggest you do it sooner rather than later. 🙂 )

Once I was done fussing with the sidebar, I thought the teacup picture in my banner looked sad and imbalanced. Time for a new picture! Although I wasn’t about to give up the green and gold teacup. I grabbed the digital camera (hurray for digital cameras!) and took a bunch of shots of the teacup in its current surroundings … on a shelf in the front entry, sharing space with a collection of pretties. I arranged the cup with my daily journal and then with an open copy of Greenville. In the end, a closeup of the teacup, cropped via the WordPress header cropper, won. One of the pretties, a large glass vase filled with polished stones, peeks from behind on the left. The interplay of the teacup and vase with the surrounding “white” space makes for an intriguing visual.

So that’s the scoop or the poop or the pooper scooper on TWWTJ’s makeover. Let me know what you think.

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