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I’m dragging my feet. There’s a blog post I really want to write, but I know it’s going to tick people off. Hey, what about politics doesn’t tick people off? (I was going to add “nowadays” to the end of that last sentence, but being a historian, I know that politics have caused raised hackles through the ages.)

So, instead I’m enjoying the sun, wind and warm weather (durned near 70 degrees Fahrenheit here!) and checking in online. Hubby rode his motorcycle to work. First time it’s been warm enough this season. Because he was taking the bike, Daughter approached me before school and asked if she could take a car and which one. I called the “good car” and she was okay with that, but only as long as the radio in the old car wasn’t acting up.

I just filled out a Public Insight Network survey on creativity for Minnesota Public Radio, which is something, I guess. The overall question is, “How do you get the creative juices flowing?” with several specific questions asked to suss out your responses. The survey is here, if you’d like to fill it out. (Hopefully it won’t throw my contact data into your form. Gack!)

Time to respond to a dinner invitation. And keep mulling over that blog post I’m avoiding. I’ll get around to it eventually.