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I woke a few days ago to discover that Hubby was not in bed. Normally when Hubby wakes before I do, he’s in the living room watching television. There was no sound or light coming from the living room. Made me nervous, it did. I started imagining that my entire family had been removed from the house without me hearing and I wondered what I was going to do. Who would I call first? Hubby’s relatives. And if they didn’t know where Hubby and the kids were, I’d call the police.

Instead of laying there letting worry get the best of me, I got up and went into the living room. There was Hubby, asleep on the couch. When I woke him, he told me he’d had a sneezing fit and left the bedroom so I would not wake up. I heard nary a thing.

The worry was not for naught, however, as it makes a good writing prompt. Now over to you. What would you do if your entire family disappeared while you were sleeping?

As you write your thoughts, be sure to include your emotional state and a description of what it is like to wake in an empty house.