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Hubby and I spent time in the Twin Cities metro area yesterday. While driving through St. Louis Park we saw a chain store that has perhaps the worst name I can think of for a fine retail clothing store: Dress Barn. Do you really want to buy a dress from a barn? The clothing inside is nice, but the name causes such a sense of dissonance in me that I don’t want to shop there. Names really can make or break a store.

Soon after seeing the Dress Barn and making commentary on it to Hubby, we spotted a sandwich board sidewalk sign along Excelsior Boulevard that said “Sexy Asian Farmhouse Antiques” and busted a gut in laughter.

Let’s read that again …





Now that’s a name that piques the curiosity! Wowee zowee! You could pair most of those words and come up with the typical: Sexy Asian, Asian Farmhouse, Farmhouse Antiques, Sexy Antiques, Asian Antiques. Sexy Farmhouse is unusual, but Sexy Asian Farmhouse Antiques? That’s something worth checking out. Hubby and I weren’t sure if this was the name of the store or merely a way to attract attention, but it worked.

When I conducted an online search of the term, I found Sexy Asian Farmhouse Antiques has its own Facebook fan page. The page looks new, like it was started in February. The actual business name appears to be Over Blue Waters Antiques of Asia.

We are not alone in wonderment concerning the Sexy Asian Farmhouse Antiques sign. Theresa B. over at Egret Effects has written about the sandwich board sign and includes a picture. So has S. La at I Make Stuff Up. There have also been numerous tweets about the sign.

Thankfully I’m not so old and cynical that strange word arrangements have no affect on me. I haven’t seen everything yet.