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Ice flow on the Mississippi River, March 18, 2010.

Ice flow on the Mississippi River, March 18, 2010.

….. is all the rage in my hometown. It’s a massive flow of ice chunks that have shut down a highway bridge after eroding away a bunch of the earth around part of the bridge’s support system.

When Hubby and I got wind of this story through an online news source, Hubby said, “Let’s go check it out. Grab the camera; we’ll take pictures.” (Yeah, he speaks with semi-colons.) I was a little hesitant because if an emergency is developing and roads are being closed, I don’t want to get in the way of the authorities in charge of the emergency. Hubby is crafty, though, and knows about back roads that can take you close to the action without getting in the way.

Off we went, just before dusk. We saw a highway truck blocking the road by the dam. There was a firetruck parked along another road on the river. Another highway truck was blocking the highway entrance. We tucked ourselves into a little cul-de-sac near the closed bridge and took a bunch of pictures, Hubby getting himself right down to the shore for his shots.

Then we headed back into town (the bridge is just north of town), with me taking pictures as he drove. Traffic filled the streets, which it tends to do when something big is going down on the river. Even though all road access points to the river were closed to vehicles, there were people walking the shore wherever they could in town. (Very literally, everybody and their dog was out, even the police dog, who barked at us when we walked by its vehicle.) We parked at a spot on the northeast side of town and took a few more pics. By that time, it was dusk and the camera couldn’t handle the lack of light.

When we got home, I immediately booted up the computer, downloaded the pictures from the camera, resized them, and wrote a blog post for work, which I published as soon as I finished. This ice flow was history, but it was also news in the making and the locals would be looking for it online. I felt like a cub reporter trying to get a story out while it might still be considered a scoop. Except for that wimpy attitude about going out in the first place. That’s not so cub reporter-ish. Maybe Hubby is better suited to the job. Except he doesn’t like to write.

Here’s one of his pics from yesterday ….

Ice jam by the Highway 10 bridge, March 17, 2010.

Ice jam by the Highway 10 bridge, March 17, 2010.