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We lost an hour this weekend due to daylight saving time, which should have made the weekend go super-de-duper fast, but I don’t seem to have missed that hour, even with all the stuff I did.

On Friday evening, while Hubby was retrieving Eldest Son from college for Spring Break, I did the grocery shopping and purchased Lady Gaga’s The Fame. I bought The Fame Monster a few weeks ago and enjoyed it so much, I knew I’d want to buy her other album. Watching the premiere of her video for Telephone on E! spurred me to get The Fame. (Yes, I know Telephone is actually on The Fame Monster, so I already had the song. My purchase was more about having both albums than about an individual song. I’m all about doing things backwards, apparently.)

According to our kids, the fact that Hubby and I like Lady Gaga’s music makes us weird, but cool. (What makes us supernaturally cool in Eldest Son’s eyes is the Tickle Me Freud doll we surprised him with when he arrived home. He plans to use it to annoy his roommate.)

Our kids’ friends have told them that it’s weird for people our age to like current music, yet we grew up with every conceivable kind of music, from heavy metal to New Wave to rap to disco to grunge to … you name it. Gaga is just another on the continuum of what we are accustomed to. What makes her irresistible is her chameleon-like nature, both musically and in her outrageous costuming. She seems, appropriately enough, to be channeling Freddy Mercury.

I’ve been occupied with things other than Gaga this weekend. Yesterday morning I taught a class at work on how to use Twitter. It was a blast, except for the first little bit, when I was trying to get the image on my computer to project onto the wall. One push of a button was all it took, but I had to remember which button. Once I managed that, it was smooth going and those assembled were engaged and threw out good questions. I thought I was rambling at first, but Hubby assured me I wasn’t. Whew!

It the afternoon, we took Eldest Son shopping, returning in the evening. I didn’t realize this was the weekend of the time shift, but the kids and Hubby had it covered.

Today was a cleaning day (after a lazy morning). Hubby cleaned the kitchen while I worked on the front entry and two bathrooms.

Now that I know a little somethin’ something’ about feng shui, I can’t seem to keep it out of my mind when I’m doing housework. The downstairs bathroom is in the Creativity/Children portion of the bagua. I’ve gotten to be good friends with the bathroom sink since my tooth extraction (all that tooth brushing and rinsing) and through the process had noticed that water was draining slowly out of the sink. Could this be related to the creative block I’ve been feeling in the past year? Incidentally (or maybe not so incidentally), the mouth is associated with the Creativity/Children portion of the bagua. Um, about that broken tooth …. (Yeah, this is too “woo woo,” even for me.)

Regardless of the strange feng shui coincidences with my life, I knew I wanted to unblock the drain and I had to take apart the trap to do so. I got a plumber’s wrench and went to work. Do I need to describe the sludge I had to remove? Or how much of it I had to pull out with an old tooth brush and a wire? Gross as the job was, I love knowing how to take care of this sort of “manly” household task.

The beauty of cleaning today was the weather. We saw 56-57 degrees Fahrenheit and sun today in central Minnesota, which meant we could open a window and let the fresh air in. Our snow has almost completely disappeared. The ice on the Mississippi River is getting thin, while the ice on another creek in town is seriously cracking up in gigantic sheets. Spring is exciting and leads to increased activity all the way around.