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Ever have a bad experience and want a do-over? A few years ago, Hubby and I attended a Dave Matthews Band (DMB) concert and had to endure a screaming girl two rows above us who screamed and screamed and screamed through the entire concert. Not between the songs, mind you, but through the songs. Intolerable! The people directly behind us left because of Screaming Mimi.

After this experience, I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to attend another DMB concert. In fact, I was a little leery of any stadium concerts. And then Hubby and I went to a Nine Inch Nails concert that was flawless and had respectful fans and my faith was restored.

Following this successful stadium concert event, I decided I wanted to shake the bad karma of the DMB concert and try again. Later this year, I’ll get my chance. DMB is touring and I purchased two tickets. Crossing my fingers that Screaming Mimi will stay home.