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I was listening to Talk of the Nation on Minnesota Public Radio this past week and heard a story about six-word memoirs. Seems to me Wired magazine did a story on them a while back, too.

I did further research on six-word memoirs (it wasn’t hard) and found that Smith Magazine was the creator. The process is simple. Write a memoir of your life in six-words. Well, maybe it’s not that simple, especially if you’re leading a complicated life.

Peeps can enter their six-word memoirs on Smith Magazine’s website. Smith has published one collection of these tiny memoirs and is planning a second.

Of course, I had to try. Here’s the first six-word memoir that came to mind:

It ain’t over yet. Quit pestering!

I’m not sure whether that’s worth entering, so I’m going to think on this a while. In the meantime, what would your six-word memoir say?