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This is a post for my brother, Knuckles, who has a radio program called Diversions. (Link in sidebar under Music.) I drove him crazy with my idea for a space-themed music album and I’m hoping for a repeat performance with this post.

It’s time for a Body Parts Album – an album filled with songs that reference body parts. I haven’t given this a huge amount of thought, but got the idea while listening to albums by Nine Inch Nails. That Trent Reznor sure does love knees. He’s got peeps down on their knees in quite a few songs. Knees, in fact, show up in songs all over the place – U2 mentions knees in various songs, Dave Matthews Band has knees in “Bartender.” (It rhymes nicely with “please.”) An entire album could be put together with songs that include knees.

More intriguing are songs that mention teeth. Not quite so many of them around. Nine Inch Nails obliges the teeth fetish in the song “With Teeth.” Lady Gaga has a song called “Teeth” on her album “The Fame Monster.” She even uses the word “fangs” in the song.

One song that mentions more than one body part is “Human” by The Killers.

There you go, Knuckles, a few suggestions for your new obsession. And your nickname even fits the theme.