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… write a proper blog post, but I did waaaay too much thinking at work today, so my brain is fried. Instead, I’m replying to some of the comments left on my blog (thanks, all!) and surfing around online. Daughter just got home, which means I’ll be helping her study sociology soon. (Last night I spent two hours helping Young Son study driver’s ed, so now you know why I didn’t blog then.)

I’ve got a couple of indepth blog post ideas I’m mulling over for posting within the next few days. (More than mulling over, really. I’ve got notes and everything!)

While you wait, here are a couple of interesting articles I’ve found online:

How the Internet Changed Writing in the 2000s by Kevin Kelleher

One Foolproof Trick to Blast Writer’s Block by James Chartrand (If I ever get hard up for blog ideas, this sounds like a great way to grease the brain gears.)

Writing English as a Second Language by William Zinsser, who wrote “On Writing Well,” a writing classic that sits on my bookshelf. Disclaimer: I have not yet read this article. Normally I do before I post them to my blog, but Zinsser typically gives spot-on writing advice, so I’m going to run with it. Posting it will allow me to find it later when I want to read it.

Be well.

[January 14, 2010 – 10:10 p.m. – later in the evening: I read the Zinsser article. It’s as good as I expected it to be. Here’s a quote:

The hard part of writing isn’t the writing; it’s the thinking.]