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Last Monday, I happily sat at my desk writing a blog post. Whenever I’m working on my blog, I check my stats, which I most certainly did both before and after writing about eating books. (I’m nothing if not obsessive about my WordPress stats.) Nothing new, nothing strange about the stats at that time.

Later in the day, I signed in to my blog again to moderate through any comments that might be waiting. Imagine my surprise when I looked at my stats. There … in black type … was ‘Home Page’ listed with the rest of the posts that had been viewed. It took me a second to realize what this meant: Home Page in black type, which meant it didn’t link up to anything, but there it was, unmistakably NOT one of my other blog posts.

I had often wondered how WordPress was counting visits to the Home Page of my blog – the Home Page being the place where anyone who has bookmarked or googled the Woo Woo Teacup Journal will end up. See, when WordPress was displaying stats for particular blog posts, that meant that people were doing a search for a particular term and landing at whatever blog post happened to match that term. They weren’t entering through the Home Page.

That’s a fine way to come to my blog, but it isn’t a complete accounting of how people get here. There are quite a number of peeps who are my regulars (thanks, folks!) who come directly to my Home Page. That’s a different sort of metric altogether and WordPress didn’t have a good accounting of it before. (Sure, I suppose you could have done the math and subtracted specific posts viewed from total blog views on a particular day, but who wants to figure that out every day?)

By the following day, WordPress’s new Home Page stat appeared in blue type, which means that it is a live link that can be selected. And, of course, it takes me to my Home Page. Totally sweet!

Now that there is a Home Page stat, you can see how your Home Page compares in total views with every individual blog post you’ve written. In checking the all-time stats on the Woo Woo Teacup Journal just now, I’m surprised to find that the Home Page has the most hits (16,628) and The Progressive Lady is in second place (13,426). I was sure it would be the other way around.

Yet another reason to love WordPress. The developers tend to provide very nice surprise upgrades.