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Dear Barnes & Noble:

You are now on my S-List. (That’s what my mother used to call it when she was utterly peeved with someone. She probably still uses the term, but hopefully not about me. I try to stay off her S-List, ’cause it’s not a good place to be.)

Here’s why you are on my S-List:

Sticky store label still stuck on brand new book.

Sticky store label still stuck on brand new book.

Take a look at that price label still stuck to the front of the new book I bought yesterday at one of your stores. For finicky book lovers, like me, this is a criminal offense. I think it ought to be punishable by throwing a goodly number of these sticky-labeled books into a heap at your front doors.

I know you have at your disposal price labels that can be cleanly removed from the covers of the books you sell because I’ve had the pleasure of peeling those sorts of labels off. Why then do you insist on slapping price labels onto books (the front covers, no less!) that require super-strength, book-dissolving solvents to remove? Did you run out of the good labels? Does your supplier no longer have them available? (Perhaps you should talk to 3M about this new little technology called the Post-it that might be helpful.)

For the love of books and book lovers everywhere, the least you could do if you’re going to insist on using these infuriating sticky labels is to adhere them to the back of books so I don’t have to look at the damned things. Bah!

Pulsating with peevishness,

Ms. Woo Woo

P.S. Good thing I bought the book pictured above for myself. I’d be ashamed to give it as a gift.