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If you need a New Year’s resolution in a hurry, the New Year’s Resolution Generator is there for you. It’s been making the rounds on the internet, so people’s resolutions might start sounding familiar.

The NYR Generator is a great idea, but many of the resolutions it generates are platitudes, like the following:

This year, I will …

Appreciate nature.

Life life to the fullest.

Wake up earlier.

Spread joy.

Be happy and healthy.

If you get resolutions like this, keep going and you’ll find more creative ones like “Touch my toes,” “Bring a reusable bag to the grocery store,” “Learn Italian,” “Bake cookies from scratch,” and “High five the person sitting next to me.”

I imagine that writing the resolutions for this generator is a bit like writing fortune cookie fortunes, kind of a fun and quirky activity. Perhaps the creator of the generator could take suggestions of resolutions to add to the application for next year.

Hold on. I see a Contribute link at the bottom of the screen. When I click it, my email program wants to start, but I don’t have it set up because I don’t view email through a computer app; I view it online.

Ah. If I do a bit more digging and click the Blog link on the bottom, I come to the creator’s blog post about the NYR Generator. The creator is Monina Velarde, a graphic designer living in Illinois, and she is taking suggestions on resolutions to add to the Generator. Have at it kids. You can either leave comments on her blog post or send her an email (check Contact link on her website).

Me? I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Instead, I set goals whenever I feel like it and work at them ’til I accomplish them or change goals. Seems easier that way.