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Oh, dearest Gift Bags, why do I love thee? Let me count the ways …

1. You’re so very good for us lazy peeps and for those peeps among us who are less than skilled with the wrapping paper. (That’s me, on both counts.)

2. You come in a variety of sizes, from teeny-tiny for those teeny-tiny gifts to gimongous for those gimongous gifts.

3. You hide the natural shapes of the gifts we give so we can keep those Nosy Gift Snoopers from figuring out what we are giving them.

4. You make it easy to gussy up the awkwardly-shaped gifts. (Turkey baster, anyone?)

5. You come in a wide variety of styles, which means we don’t have to make all our gifts look the same in the vain attempt to finish up a gigantic roll of wrapping paper.

6. You don’t require scissors or tape.

7. You have handles.

8. You fold flat, making you easier to store than wrapping paper rolls.

9. You’re durable and reusable and help us to reduce trash.

10. You make preparing gifts quick and easy, which means we can wait until the very last minute and still give a gift that looks thoughtfully presented.

Thank you, dearest Gift Bags!

Trash after Christmas

Here is the trash we had after opening gifts this morning. Thanks to gift bags, there is only one regular Wal-Mart bag full of gift wrapping, rather than the tall kitchen garbage bag (or two!) that we used to use. Reduce gift trash even more by saving the tissue paper used in the gift bags.