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Hubby and I are watching Evan Almighty (it’s like the second time in two days, so we’re 1/2 watching). With the snowstorm – THE talk of Minnesota for the past week – our original plans for the day changed.

I intended to work all day, but the snow prevented that. It started snowing last night and enough was on the ground this morning to provide a serious shoveling workout. I got up and got to it, clearing both cars and the sidewalks. The plows were out and most of the major roads in town were clear … until I got to the stretch of road leading up to the museum. That was still full of snow and made for difficult driving. The museum parking lot and sidewalk were clear, though, the result of the new plow guy we’ve hired.

My co-worker didn’t make it in because of the snow and I got busy doing museum-y things. I had to call the boss, who said I should close early, so I did.

I met up with Hubby, who had the day off, and we ran some errands. I had a little nap (all that shoveling wore me out). While Hubby took his nap, Daughter and I ran to the store so we could pick out a final gift.

After we returned, all of us piled into the car and went to a local Asian restaurant for our traditional Christmas Eve meal. We had intended to go out of town to a different Asian restaurant, but the second wave of snow had started and we didn’t want to push it.

When we got home, all the kids urged us to let them each open a gift, which we resisted for about two seconds. Daughter told me which gift I was allowed to open.

It was this: http://www.traditionsjewishgifts.com/SW90-95.html

(That’s Hubby’s pet name for me.)

The kids have now scattered to their various activities (now that they’ve gotten a gift) and Hubby and I are watching Evan Almighty while I blog and check email.

The day may not have turned out as planned, but it’s been easy-going and fun. (And tomorrow I get to sleep in … unless there’s nagging about the rest of the gifts!)