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*Dirk Skinnyjeans is obviously not this person’s real name.

Daughter and her friends have a strange sense of fun. Last week, they decided that today would be “Dress Like Dirk Skinnyjeans Day.”

Dirk Skinnyjeans is a friend of the group Daughter hangs out with and he favors a particular style of clothing. Daughter says that his style mimics a 1950s look, with Dirk wearing skinny jeans, a skinny ’50s-style sweater or a sweater vest with a button-down shirt underneath, and slicked-back hair.

When Daughter announced “Dress Like Dirk Skinnyjeans Day” to me because she wanted to raid the household closets looking for an appropriate sweater, I asked if Dirk knew what she and her friends were up to. I didn’t want him to feel like they were picking on him. He knew, all right, because they told him they were going to dress like he does. Dirk didn’t believe them.

As long as Dirk was aware of what was going on and was okay with it, I was game to play along. Hubby and I bought Daughter a sweater vest and she borrowed a button-down shirt from me. She already had the skinny jeans. She practiced slicking back her hair over the weekend and had it slicked back for today – “Dress Like Dirk Skinnyjeans Day.” She had reminded her friends of the day over the weekend and several of them came to school dressed like Dirk.

Dirk chuckled about the whole thing, but was fairly understated about his day, according to Daughter. He did pick the person he thought was dressed the most like him, though. (It wasn’t Daughter, much to her chagrin.)

In my estimation, “Dress Like Dirk Skinnyjeans Day” was creative, humorous and sweet. How many other groups of kids would go to the trouble of dressing exactly like one of their friends for a day? Wait. Strike that. Lot of kids go to the trouble of dressing exactly like their friends, especially teenage girls. But not too many teenage girls go to the trouble of dressing like a teenage boy.

Update – December 22, 2009: We ran into Dirk Skinnyjeans and his parents last night at a school function. All were pretty impressed with the effort Dirk’s friends made to dress like him. As it turns out, the day was so successful that the kids have decided that every last Monday of each month from now until graduation will be “Dress Like Dirk Skinnyjeans Day.” The sweater vest we bought Daughter was a good investment.