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After thinking about the different sorts of vegetarians there are – Lacto-ovo, Pesco, Pollo, Hubby thought of another possible category.  He created a t-shirt for this unusual vegetarian:

Lacto-ovo-Pollo-Pesco-Carne Vegetarian

Lacto-ovo-Pollo-Pesco-Carne Vegetarian

And this t-shirt can be yours if you pop over to my Cafe Press shop and purchase one. We selected the organic cotton t-shirt for the design so you don’t have to feel guilty while displaying your sense of humor.

[By the way, as long as I’m advertising my sweet Hubby’s t-shirt, I may as well pluck a couple of toenails out with a pliers and force myself to mention that my Greenville book would make a nice holiday gift. Not because I don’t believe in my writing, that’s not what the forcing myself is about. Every time I read Greenville, I get a little thrill from the stories. Some of them make me cry, even though I know what’s going to happen. Astonishing that the stories can still surprise me. It’s a good book, but for me the joy was in the writing and the layout and the rest of the process, not in the sales, which still makes me feel a little smarmy. The book, three separate editions of it, is available at my Cafe Press shop.  If money is an issue, you can read the whole thing online at woowooteacup.com: Greenville – Keeping Edition. Thus ends my commercial. Now, if I could just reattach those toenails.]