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I have an email subscription to writing related articles produced the Utne Reader and got a couple of gems today.

One discussed The Art of Digital Storytelling, an article by Danielle Maestretti, that points to several new avenues for producing stories in unusual ways, including cell phone stories, stories produced with assistance from online communities, and stories you must fold to read. Definitely a bunch of resources in the article that I have to investigate further.

The other article was about a new online uber-dictionary called Wordnik, which allows users to subscribe in order to keep track of the words they look up. Along with providing a basic definition, the site shows links to other online dictionary definitions of whatever word you search. (No need to have an account to do a search.) Wordnik also links up to Flickr (think visual definitions) and Twitter (see when a word has been tweeted). Users can also interact with a word through the “Take this word and … [List it, Favorite it, Tweet it, Comment on it, Shove it] feature. Pretty sweet.

The design of Wordnik is clean and intuitive. This may become my favorite online dictionary.

I’d put one of the Wordnik badges in my sidebar, but WordPress does not like Javascript, so a link will have to do.