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Another day of leaf pick-up for me. My goal was to get two of the six large piles cleaned up. I finished one pile by 12:30, then came into the house for lunch. I heated up some of Hubby’s leftover pizza and had just started eating when he came home from his parents’ house. He told me to put my food away; his folks had invited us to lunch.

After lunch, I went to the doctor’s office and had a physical. When I returned, I found Hubby using the leaf blower, chasing acorns and other little bits of debris into the second pile of leaves I was planning to pick up. He finished the area he was working on, leaving the grass looking like perfectly combed hair. While I picked up the second pile, he went around to the backyard and continued his leaf blowing.

Young Son arrived home from school and I enlisted him to help with leaves. Together, we managed to clean up all six piles. Woohoo! (I’ll be sore tomorrow – heck, I’m sore now – but at least we’re done.) The trailer was filled and our compost heap became a towering mass of leaves.

Compost pile filled with leaves.

Compost pile filled with leaves.

Meanwhile, Hubby continued his leaf blowing meditation. Young Son and I commented to each other about how he seemed to be abnormally obsessive about cleaning the lawn this year. We guessed it had something to do with the new leaf blower. Hubby admitted as much, saying that using the leaf blower was relaxing.  He’s a regular Zen Master Leaf Blower.

Zen Master Leaf Blower

Zen Master Leaf Blower - Note the line of leaves and the combed grass behind the Zen Master.