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A quick post for now; it’s a whirlwind day. Sort of. I’ve been slow to get moving, but now that the day feels like it’s half over (is 2:00 half-over?), I have to kick it into high gear. A trip to the grocery store is in order and then I have to go help set up for our writers group’s public reading.  Set up is at 5:00; the reading is at 7:00.

I’m going to be reading a couple of sestinas, leading with an explanation of what a sestina is. Moments ago I finished a sestina I started last weekend, kind of a story-form sestina.  I plan to read it tonight, although I have four others to choose from if I chicken out. (See, Lovin’ Spouseful. I did use the word “chicken” today. Just not in the sestina.)

Wish me luck that I don’t trip all over my words tonight. Gotta run!