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One morning this past weekend, I was sitting in bed reading or writing or some such when I heard a massive WHOMP! above my head. Something had hit the roof. I suspected it was an oak branch because oak trees can’t ever seem to stop dropping pieces of themselves.

I went to the living room and told Hubby what I’d heard. As he was the dressed one, he went outside to have a look. That WHOMP! was no branch. Instead, a fat squirrel was on the roof, looking like it was trying to figure out how to get down. We figured it had dropped out of the tree and its weight had contributed to its loud WHOMP!

I returned to the bedroom, where I heard the squirrel gallop several times across the roof. Funniest thing ever. Gallop, gallop, gallop, stop for a moment to figure out what to do, then gallop, gallop, gallop back. Eventually the galloping stopped, so our heavy squirrel must have figured out how to get down. Thankfully he didn’t drop through the roof.