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When I hear about an interesting resource online, I won’t always check it out right away. Too much to do, too little time tends to be the issue in my procrastination.

I read about WNYC’s Radiolab, a National Public Radio program about science, on Seth Godin’s blog, thought it sounded like something I’d enjoy, and then promptly ignored my curiosity.

This past weekend, Hubby and I got together with friends and while hanging out, one of them mentioned Radiolab, specifically the episode on parasites, and how podcasts of the show could be downloaded free from iTunes.

When I hear about something repeatedly, it’s time to get in gear and investigate. I had to charge my iPod yesterday, so went to iTunes, searched for Radiolab, and downloaded six episodes: Choice, Race, Parasites, New Normal?, Stochasity, and Shorts: Helicopter Boy.

This morning I listened to Choice. The program has the same high quality I’ve come to expect from all public radio programming. The hosts are approachable and they achieve right balance of humor and fascinating data.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Radiolab, feel free to ignore my advice to check it out. But if it’s the second or third time you’ve heard about it, take it from me, the Universe is trying to tell you something.  Download a podcast or two and have a listen. Really.