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An important update on the Cult of Snuggie, which I posted about last January

As if it isn’t enough that Snuggie has added a choice of zebra, camel, or leopard print for the animal-themed cults in the world, now you can get a Weezer Snuggie for your Weezer cult.

ReadWriteWeb has posted the Weezer Snuggie infomercial from YouTube. (The vid is a riot because the producers have interlaced shots of the Weezer dudes in their Snuggies with the regular Snuggie commercial.)

But wait! There’s more!

If you order a Weezer Snuggie, you also get Weezer’s new album Raditude.

I heard this story on Minnesota Public Radio this morning and the announcer said something akin to, “What’s next? Lady Gaga hawking ShamWows?”

Hey, don’t give Lady Gaga any ideas. She’ll pull a Tim Gunn on you and “Make it work.”

Frankly, I think Weezer’s marketing is brilliant.