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Got back from the grocery store about an hour ago. I find it interesting how the prices on certain items bounce around. Coffee, fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, eggs, meat. Seasonal demand drives some of the price fluctuations, but you can also get a sense of what’s going on politically in the world if you pay enough attention to the prices along with the news.

The tea tree oil I buy at Wal-Mart went from around $4 to $5 a bottle up to $8. Either there’s been a run on tea tree oil and everyone wants some, or there’s a shortage of the stuff.  Not sure what’s caused this price increase. While it is a fairly regular household item for us, it isn’t for most people, so market factors haven’t been discussed in the news and a Google search doesn’t yield any useful results.

Raspberry jam seemed more expensive this time, but I can’t be sure how much because I don’t buy it often enough to have the price memorized. It’s no longer berry season in our area, which could explain the higher price.

The price of milk today was the real shocker. It was $1.97 for a gallon. A whole gallon. That’s a steal, especially when a gallon of milk was hovering at around $4 for a long while. At the $4 price I had heard that farmers were complaining that they weren’t being paid enough to produce the milk. Imagine what they are saying with the price at $1.97 per gallon. Even though I’m the beneficiary of cheap milk, I think farmers are getting screwed on this.