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It’s Friday night and I’m catching up online. (I seem to be saying that a lot, lately … catching up online.) We’ve had a constant drizzly rain for the past week and my mood has ranged into the grouchy zone more than usual. (If you ask Hubby, he’ll say I’m rarely grouchy.)

Other than the rain and my cyclical mood fluctuations, the news has been bugging the crap out of me. It ranges from reports on the depressing economy with its lack of jobs to the cantankerous health care debate. None of it is stuff I can control, which contributes to my crankiness. (If I were in control of the health care situation, I’d make selling health insurance illegal and treat health care as a right, not a privilege in this country. And I’d reconstruct the system from scratch, with Alan Grayson at the helm. But I’m not, so …. [sigh])

The grumpies built to a fever pitch one morning this week, at which point Hubby gave me a listening ear, hugs and perspective and I felt much better. I also ran across an article on gratitude in an issue of Reader’s Digest and a reprinted ministerial talk in our church newsletter “On Living Abundantly.” In addition, I’m avoiding the news, at least the stories that are filled with bad news and vitriol (although I did catch the story about the boy and the runaway balloon).

My mood is elevating, which it normally does after a few downer days. The drizzle is supposed to abate and the temperature is expected to warm to a more normal level this weekend. That’ll have me kicking my heels, washing the sheets (Happy Clean Sheet Day!), and finding a way to be outside for a while.

Now, then … I think I’m officially caught up. (Writing also helps to remove the grumpies from my soul.)