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Just finished with the dishes. Time to catch up with the online world. I’ve been missing here over the past few days due to a birthday party, more feng shui-ing, and a long drive.

I mentioned a few days ago my feng shui efforts concerning the career bagua of our home (i.e. the front entry). I’m mostly done with that, but have determined that the space needs repainting. I’m considering a soft gray with white trim. Right now the space is two colors, flaking white paint on yellow brick for two walls and a dusty olive green for the other two walls. I’m sensing the need to pull it all together into one cohesive color scheme.

The crazy thing about serious feng shui-ing is that I can’t stop at one area. Once I’ve up-ended one bagua, others will be up-ended as well. Yesterday I worked on the dining room, which falls within the prosperity and family baguas. I use the term “dining room” loosely here as we very rarely actually eat in this room. Oh, it has a dining table and lots of chairs we are forever shuffling around, but I primarily sit at the table to pay bills or go online. (It’s where I’m sitting now, in fact.) I also use the room as my impromptu fiber arts studio, employing the table for cutting out patterns and sewing.

Another major piece of furniture in the room is my floor loom, which I haven’t used in years (and years and years), primarily because of the cats, who see the string involved and shout, “Woohoo!” as they claw it to shreds. As part of stirring up the chi, I pulled it away from the wall, opened it out fully, and dusted its various moving parts, removing embarrassing amounts of filth. When it was clean, along with the floor underneath, I arranged it so that I can use it.

This involved moving a side table to another part of the room. The side table is actually a folding table, under which I store a plastic tub full of fabric and my sewing machine. In order to hide these items, we cover the table with fabric. Prior to feng shui-ing, the fabric was maroon with a black swirly pattern that had been mottled by sunlight. After feng shui-ing, the fabric is a solid dark green with a gray-and-white runner of Tomptegubben, in turn topped with a deep red, floral placemat. Red and green are good colors for the prosperity bagua. Not sure what the Tomptegubben will do – Tomptegubben are gnomes – but I like the effect.

After arranging the loom for use, it became apparent that there wasn’t as much room for the dining table, so I’ve dropped the side leaves on it. The space is better, the the table isn’t ideal in this way because I keep knocking my knees on the side leaves. Hubby and I are contemplating replacing it with his motorcycle table.

Now that the furniture has been rearranged, it’s become even more apparent that this room needs repainting, too. Except that this is one of the few rooms in the house we didn’t gut during our remodeling, so it actually needs new walls altogether. I’m not ready for that kind of feng shui-ing.