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Got up this morning with the bright idea that I would feng shui the front entry, which falls in the Career bagua of our house. Now that Hubby has graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in sociology (minor in religion), he’s hunting for jobs. Bringing new energy into that sector of our house, and thence into our lives, is a priority, particularly with the economy the way it is.

What started as the intent to activate the chi in one specific area became an exercise in feng shui-ing several other baguas in the house (health, prosperity, & family), as well as tidying spots outside. As I moved one thing, I’d have to move others. Let me tell you, it’s incredibly exhausting to rearrange chi, even though it can’t be seen. Our cats freak out every time I do it. (Oh, yeah. The cats feel it.)

Because feng shui seems to be a mix of intent along with basic common-sense measures (keeping the lid shut prevents you from dropping stuff down the toilet), it’s not as hokey as it might appear. For example, placing books within the Career bagua that have something to do with the field you want to work in will remind you of your intention.

We have a large bookshelf in our front entry (Career bagua). It was filled with cookbooks and a variety of other books. I removed the cookbooks (a previous career of Hubby’s) and put them on a shelf in the Health bagua. Then I grabbed a bunch of his sociology books from a shelf in the basement and put them on the front entry shelf. (In case you’re wondering, we have LOTS of bookshelves throughout the house.)

Daughter and I removed an old 1920s floor radio from the front entry because it was preventing us from fully opening a closet door (very bad feng shui). I found a larger, covered container for our keys and added some decorative elements that spoke of glass, metal, and water (all good for the Career bagua).

We have quite a bit of black and white (the appropriate colors for the Career bagua) in the front entry, but there is one more item I want to add. I created a wall hanging of white and silver embroidery on black velvet a number of years ago. It has silver, metal snowflakes as part of the scene. Once I attach a hanging mechanism to the back of it, I’ll put it in the entry because it has so many feng shui elements for the career area: black, white, metal, and water (the snowflakes). It was this piece I was thinking of this morning when I got started on my little project. Stands to reason it would be the last thing up and it won’t make it today.