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So the engine is fried on one car and today, as I was going to take 2 loads of wet clothing to the laundromat to dry them, the exhaust fell apart on our other car. Ask me how I feel about that.

Young Son and I carried the 2 baskets of heavy, wet laundry to the laundromat 8 or so blocks away. We groused most of the way there, pausing periodically to give our arms a rest.

After throwing the laundry into dryers, we had a half-hour to kill in the laundromat. We both observed how trashed the place looked. What is it about laundromats that they tend to be slummy and filthy, places no one feels safe hanging out in? As we discussed the general state of disrepair, I told Young Son my vision of an ideal laundromat.

An ideal laundromat would …

Be clean.

Have all front-loading washers (no top-loading models).

Have a lounge-like seating area, with couches, upholstered chairs & footstools, along with a few cafe tables & chairs.

Have free wi-fi internet access.

Have a coffee shop/snack bar.

Have an area for young children to play (so they don’t get bored and start playing with the laundry carts or sitting on the washing machines or folding tables).

Have an attendant to make the place feel safer, to assist with any laundry issues, and to keep the place well-maintained.

Is this really too much to ask? Does the laundromat experience have to be an onerous one?

[Someone. Anyone. Steal my idea. PLEASE!!!]