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It’s Saturday! Gloriously sunny, a bit humid, sort of tropical.

I have plans for productivity today. Currently, I’m chatting with Eldest Son on Facebook (message in just now, brb). When finished, I’m going to go clean the bathroom, a task that is dreadfully long overdue. Trust me on this. You DON’T want to see the inside of our toilet right now. Blech!

Sometime after that, I need to help Hubby put together a slide show for a presentation on his community garden tomorrow. I also need to take my molasses cake recipe (from Hubby’s grandma) and alter it to use sorghum instead of molasses. This is for tomorrow’s event, as well.

The other thing on my To-Do list is laundry, which we are still hanging out (hope that humidity isn’t too bad), plus I feel like doing some drawing (this, thanks to a dream I had last night in which I was drawing).

Time to get moving.

Later today [8:25 p.m.] – I got the bathroom cleaned. Amazingly, the shower was more disgusting than the toilet. I pulled a raunchy, ferret-sized glob of hair out of the drain. Eyeeew! I could have done without that. Got the slide show and laundry done. Hubby made the sorghum cakes for me. (Yay!) Never did get to the drawing.