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I beg your forgiveness from the beginning of this post, because I’m talking politics, which is a divisive topic even under the best of circumstances, but something in the news is driving me batty and I have to get it off my chest.

Let me take you back in time – to 9/11. Do you remember the clip of when President George W. Bush first received word about the 9/11 tragedies? Specifically, do you remember where he was? If you don’t, let me refresh your memory. He was in a classroom, reading to students.

I bring this up because people are in a crazy uproar about President Barack Obama giving an address specifically tailored to students on the opening day of school. Did we have an issue with President Bush being in a classroom, presumably speaking to children? I know I didn’t, even though I disagreed mightily with many of his administration’s policies and actions.

Since when did a presidential pep talk to students become politicized? Why do our students have to listen to the political views of some of their teachers, yet they are not allowed to listen to a presidential address during school hours? What sort of ideological idiocy has this country slipped into that this is even being seriously discussed? If having a president talk to students is now going to be considered a big no-no because of the potential for ideological brainwashing, then no politician should ever be allowed to give a high school or college speech again. Period. (And, frankly, if one speech by a president is so powerful that it can instantaneously brainwash children, our schools are doing a complete disservice to this country by creating automatons.)

Minnesota’s governor, Tim Pawlenty, has expressed his criticism of Obama’s school address, but he has designs on the presidency, so he’ll say anything to garner support from “The Base.” (Sounds almost mythological – “The Base” – doesn’t it?) I’m sure T-Paw thinks we can’t see through his pandering, but we’re not blind. I do have a little piece of advice for him. He might want to be careful about criticizing the sitting President’s actions because if he succeeds in his presidential ambitions, he might want to give his own speech to students. And then we can all shout “HYPOCRITE!” at the man.

Given enough time, everyone’s ox will be gored.

P.S. Hubby pointed out a very interesting little nugget of info as I read this post to him. He told me to look up “The Base.” The Arabic term for “the base” is Al Qaeda.