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This is going to be one of those random what-I’ve-been-up-to posts.

Daughter is practicing her flute … Christmas music. Very cheery.

Yesterday, I jumped into the car and took off for work. Immediately it became obvious that something was seriously wrong with the car. I turned off the main road and pulled off to the side, hopped out and ran around to the back passenger tire. It was utterly flat. Flat down to the rim. Flat. As I was already a couple blocks from home and it wasn’t that much farther to the garage I use, I drove it over to the garage, cringing the entire way because I was driving on the rim and I knew I shouldn’t be. I kept leaning over to the side, trying to take my weight off the flat. Stupid. Yes. Completely unhelpful. Yes. But I did it anyway.

I arranged things with the mechanic and called my co-worker, who came to pick me up for work. (She’s a total sweetheart!) Work was swell. The repair was completed by the end of the day, so I arranged for Daughter to retrieve the car and then pick me up.

She arrived stressed. She had lost her license out of her pocket on the walk to the garage. Compounding the issue was the fact that she had a meeting within 20 minutes of picking me up. No chance to properly back-track her route before the meeting. We drove back to the garage and paid the mechanic ($19 – Woot!). She showed me the route she had walked and we stopped at home to make sure she hadn’t inadvertently left her license there. Nope.

I dropped her off at her meeting, took the car home, and walked Daughter’s route. Thankfully, I found her license in the road, a little gritty, but otherwise fine.

While grabbing a bite to eat (a microwaved corndog & a fresh, sliced tomato), I put the finishing touches on a sestina I started last April. Then I headed off to writers group. I hadn’t been all summer and we had a packed house. We took turns reading (those who had brought something to share) and I read my sestina. Comments were made about my voice showing through in the piece and how parallels in voice could be seen between the sestina and Greenville. I wasn’t aware that my writing voice was quite that strong.