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I was interviewed about Greenville this morning by a reporter for the local paper. I was nervous, as I typically am when interviewed, but not horribly so. The reporter asked how I would describe the book and I mentioned that it’s a series of linked short stories, a.k.a. a short story cycle, and tried to explain how they were linked.

The reporter asked several questions related to what the book was about. She was attempting to encapsulate the book so as to interest people in reading it. Trouble is, my book has been difficult for me to encapsulate. It doesn’t fit neatly into any genre. It’s not a romance or a mystery. It’s closest to literary fiction, but not really serious enough for that category, yet it’s not funny enough to be categorized as humor. I’m stumped.

So, then, a question for those of you who have read Greenville. How would you describe it in a sentence or two?