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Young Son is full of great thoughts lately. Tonight, while we were in the car returning from a short trip, he asked, “Why doesn’t anyone use science to deal with zombies.?” We asked him to elaborate. His thoughts on the subject: If a zombie is buried at the traditional grave depth, if he started digging to get out, he wouldn’t make it because the dirt he was clawing through would keep filling the hole. Rigor mortis would also be an issue. Assuming a zombie is coming back from true death, rigor mortis would have already set in and the zombie’s arms and legs would be frozen into position.

Young Son was also curious as to why zombies always go for human brains. Why brains, as opposed to some other body part? Why don’t scientists (at least the ones in movies) study this? My conjecture on this latter thought is that perhaps the scientists in the movies are too busy trying to get away from the zombies to stop and figure out why they have a predilection for brains.