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For my Greenville book launch party, my sister-in-law surprised me with a lovely gift basket. My sister-in-law has a real gift for putting together gift baskets. She’s generous, creative, fun and really knows how to play off a theme. Here’s the gift basket she gave me:

The gift basket my sister-in-law assembled for Greenville.

The gift basket my sister-in-law assembled for Greenville.

Are you seeing the theme?

Do you also notice that the cereal (Apple Jacks, for the record) is exposed? It even has milk on it, which you can’t really see in the pic. See, I had just gotten up and was hungry, so I opened up the Apple Jacks, poured the milk, and started admiring the basket. That’s when I realized I hadn’t taken a picture of the whole ensemble. Before taking a bite of the cereal, I plopped it back into the basket and snapped a couple of photos.

Again for the record, the Mike & Ikes have been the family hit. Before opening the box, I had requests from Daughter and Young Son to hand over the whole box. As if!

Can’t wait to try the Ghirardelli chocolate.